Help needed from former Linskill pupils

Help needed from former Linskill pupils

We’re looking for help from former pupils of the old Linskill Secondary Modern School for a new display we’re planning early in 2023.

The display is about the Linskill family who for three generations played an important role in North Shields and whose name lives on in street and building names.

Our display, researched by Old Low Light volunteer and local historian Mike Coates, will explain how the family came to North Shields from Whitby in the mid-18th century and became heavily involved in local life, always seeking to bring about improvements.

To go alongside the exhibition boards, we would be delighted to display memorabilia from Linskill school, including photographs and items of uniform. If you think you have anything that might be suitable, please email us at

The Linskill display will be a new addition to the current exhibition in the heritage gallery, called Folk who Shaped Shields, which tells the story of inspirational Shields people – John Dobson, John Foster Spence, Richard Irvin and Sir James Knott – whose legacies live on.

The printing of the new boards is being financed from the recent plant and table top sales organised by volunteers and friends of the Old Low Light – so thank-you if you supported these sales!

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