Our top floor is once again open for hire.

It provides ideal accommodation for weddings, birthday parties and other family occasions, workplace away days and meetings, classes (including for health and wellbeing) and for regular meetings by community groups.

The available space extends across the entire width of the building, is light and airy with amazing views of the river and Fish Quay. There is access by lift or stairs and a washroom on this and other floors. There is a small kitchen area, which can be screened off with a curtain.

Also, on the top floor, is an outdoor viewing balcony, offering spectacular views of the river, the promenade leading to Collingwood’s monument and Tynemouth Priory.

Under normal circumstances the room can accommodate up to 60 people when set up in a theatre style arrangement. However, while Government restrictions on social distancing have been lifted, we are mindful that some people may not feel comfortable seated with so many people around them. So, we have reduced the number of seats to 28-30. This change will be kept under review and numbers increased if appropriate and safe, depending on the situation in relation to Covid-19.

For parties and functions requiring seating and tables, the room can accommodate around 20 people.

As with other areas of the building, we are encouraging people to wear face coverings when they are walking around and continue to respect one another’s personal space.


Within our normal opening hours
10am to 3pm, £20 per hour

Evenings and early mornings
6am and 10am & 3pm to 10pm, £30 per hour

Late nights
10pm to 6am, £50 per hour

Please contact us for quotes by emailing


The top floor is already subject to some regular bookings by community groups on weekdays. There is generally good availability for evening and weekend hire.

Conditions of hire

Any individual or organisation hiring the room would be expected to respect any artwork that may be on display and leave the room tidy and clean as they found it, including the kitchen area.

Individuals or organisations hiring the room would also be expected to respect the centre’s advice to wear face coverings when they are walking around and to respect one another’s personal space.

How we use any funding received for room hire

As a charity we are non-profit making and any funding received from room hire is used to help with our running costs and ongoing maintenance of the building.

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