Booking Tickets For Events & Activities

Booking Tickets For Events & Activities
We have been using our website, and the booking site ‘Eventbrite’ as our primary means of booking events and activities at the Old Low Light since early 2021.

A few people have said recently that they find Eventbrite, the online booking system, difficult to use and that they would prefer to go back to the previous way of coming into the centre or phoning if they want to book tickets.

We would like to reassure anyone who cannot use Eventbrite, for whatever reason, that it is still possible to come into the Old Low Light to book on events. In such cases there would usually be a volunteer or a member of staff who can make the online booking for them.

We believe our current booking system is a great improvement over our old system and has resulted in many benefits, including:

  • It is helping us to manage our day to day business which is more important than ever when we are facing so many challenges, particularly in terms of increasing costs.
  • It enables us to work within safe seating arrangements and we also know how many people to expect for each event so we can make sure there are the right number of staff and volunteers on duty.
  • Allows visitors to pick their own seats, and manage their own booking 24/7
  • If we need to rearrange an event, due to sudden, unforeseen circumstances, the online system means we can reschedule and contact everyone who has booked a place within minutes.
  • If an event is not selling well, we know early enough if it needs to be cancelled to avoid making running the event at a loss.
  • People who have booked places are automatically reminded about events, so we have fewer ‘no shows’.
  • It has been an enormous help in identifying memberships that need to be renewed, which is helping our financial position.
  • We are attracting a wider audience because people who have never previously been to the Old Low Light have seen the events advertised on Eventbrite and have booked a place.

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