‘More Things Seen’ – exhibition by local artist

A five-day art exhibition is to take place later this month by Linda Kay who is inspired by things that catch her eye when she is out walking or cycling. 25% of all sales will go directly to support our heritage centre.

A founding trustee and active volunteer, Linda has a background in graphic design and for more than 25 years ran her own successful company. Her early training, long before computers became the main design tool, provided a good grounding in everything from photography to life drawing.

Now retired, she is a regular walker and cyclist, and uses her time while out and about to store valuable visual memories, sometimes sketching or taking a photograph for reference.

“This exhibition follows ‘Things Seen’ which took place in 2022, at a time when we were all just returning to normal life after the pandemic. Since then, I have enjoyed creating many new paintings and rediscovering the joy of using oils. A lot of them are about natural things that have caught my eye, and many reflect the changing seasons and how light affects the landscape and colours,” said Linda.

“I am hoping that my work in this show will not only appeal to others but will also help to boost finances at the Old Low Light where, thankfully, we are now able to progress some important maintenance work after a tough couple of years.”

Centre director, Guy Moody added: “Linda is very talented, and this exhibition  provides an opportunity to showcase her interpretation of the world around her, while at the same time raising funds for the Old Low Light.”

He added: “Visitors to the centre and its galleries will have seen many examples of Linda’s graphic design work without realising it, as she gives her time and skills freely, producing the vast majority of our promotional materials and exhibition boards.”

Linda, who has lived in North Tyneside for most of her life, was a member of the North of England Art Club for several years. While running her business she attended painting and drawing classes in her spare time as well as a degree course in fine art at Newcastle College. She continues to attend art classes and workshops which she enjoys immensely.

For more about Linda’s artwork, go to

Admission to ‘More Things Seen’ is £4pp – members free. This also includes entry to the heritage gallery where visitors can view the current exhibition ‘Merchant Navy – Tyneside Stories’ which highlights the significant part that the Merchant Navy has played in the lives of people on both sides of the Tyne during the 20th and 21st centuries. Its focus includes local shipping companies and repair yards, the world wars, the support, and training offered to visiting seafarers of all nations, a boarding school for children who had lost a parent in the service and the Merchant Navy of today and the future.





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