CyberGuardians – Old Low Light Heritage Centre. (Cancelled)

It is increasingly difficult to avoid being potentially at risk of exploitation by criminals trying to scam us out of money, data and information. Even if you don’t use a computer and are not on-line, you can still be scammed on your telephone. Many of you will have a smartphone and these are effectively on-line and at risk of being compromised.

The criminals are getting more sophisticated every day and it is getting harder to identify a scampasted-image.png from a genuine source.

However, there are simple ways that will help you protect yourself whilst on-line on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Workshops and training sessions can help, but being able to speak to someone face to face, on a one-to-one basis, and working at your pace can be far more helpful.

Working with Northumbria University’s award-winning Cybercrime team, we have been running a series of training workshops with some of your peers in the U3A and the Old Low Light Heritage Centre to equip them with the knowledge and backup support to enable them to help others stay safe on-line.

These CyberGuardians have now finished their training and are ready to start helping others to protect themselves against CyberCrime attacks.

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