Birds of the Tyne, including nesting kittiwakes

It is a pleasure to welcome back keen ornithologist and Old Low Light volunteer Dan Turner, who will talk about birds of the Tyne river mouth, estuary and fish quay and also River Tyne nesting kittiwakes, including recent activity to install kittiwake ‘hotels’ on the Tyne Bridge.

Dan has spent a lifetime observing the River Tyne birds. His ornithological interest from an early age includes ongoing, annual surveys of the nesting Tyne kittiwakes since 1994.

The river mouth features many bird species each year – birds of the coast, sea, wetland and shore. He will discuss a few of these visitors. His bird observations began in the 1960s.

Recently, his observations and records were used to help calculate an approximate length of ledges for new kittiwake nesting ‘hotels’ on the Tyne Bridge, for use during its renovation. These will provide alternative kittiwake accommodation when the gulls return to nest.

A supporter of the Old Low Light, Dan has given talks previously and taken part in panel discussions about local wildlife. He has also provided information for display boards at the heritage centre about the harmful impact of plastic and other litter on sealife.

He is a published author of books based around the River Tyne and North East coast, some of which are on sale in the Old Low Light café.

Photographs copyright of Daniel M Turner

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