The walk starts on the village green beside the Queen Victoria monument and will finish at the Land of Green Ginger on Front Street. It is a comfortable walk, mainly on pavements but including a grassed area and an incline from Prior’s Haven up the bank to Front Street.

Peter who volunteers on the welcome desk at the Old Low Light Heritage Centre, North Shields Fish Quay and is also a Newcastle City guide will point out significant sites in the history of Tynemouth from the earliest times, including the powerful role of the Prior to Victorian times when it became a health resort and dormitory town for Newcastle.

At Tynemouth station Peter will explain how important the railway was in the development of the village, leading to a considerable increase in population, as it did with other villages along the coast. At the turn of the last century, it had more passenger train movements than any other UK station outside of London.

Next stop will be Oxford Street, pointing out the site of the first railway station, Knott’s flats and the remains of Lloyd’s Hailing Station on the fish quay, before heading across the grass to the historical maritime landmark, Collingwood Monument.

Looking out to the river, he will point out the Black Middens, the scene of many ship wrecks, including one in particular involving the Stanley, which resulted in the setting up of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade.

Down at Prior’s Haven he will talk about the Priory and military developments including the Spanish Battery before heading up the back to Front Street.

On Front Street Peter will provide some background to several of the buildings, past and present, including the Bath Hotel and Assembly Rooms which provided holiday accommodation for well-to-do folk attracted by the health benefits of the bracing sea air.

Finally, the walk will end at the Land of Green Ginger.

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