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We’ve An EGG-cellent Easter For You At Old Low Light

Beach School DHC (2)

No need to hunt out what to do this Easter we have an Easter EGG-stravaganza for everyone

Come to the fabulous Fish Quay this Easter for a great variety of themed activities for all the family.   From guided walks, talks and loads of family activities for the small fry from holiday clubs to arty activities we sure you all have a cracking time.

Discover In A Day Holiday Club

pirate yogaLearn to become a Jack Sparrow or a Robinson Crusoe with one of our themed ‘Discover In a Day Holiday Clubs’.

Would be pirates and princesses can join our Yoga and Art Themed day on 11 April from 10:00 until 3:00.   Our morning yoga session with our pirate positions will turn even the most feared sea pirate into a ‘karma’ sailor.   After yoga, pirates will learn all about the different types of art we have in the Old Low Light, and go on an adventure with our fishermen to the places on the Fish Quay that people aren’t allowed to go.   After lunch they will make their own mindful mandala to take home so they can always meditate on their day.

Cost per child is £20 or bring a friend, two for £35  Contact Pearl on 0191 257 4506 to reserve a place.

Beach Survival Day: – 19 April 10:00 – 3:00

If a Ray Mears type of adventure is more your thing, then join Coastal and Forest School legend Mark Stutt for a day on the beach exploring all the techniques you will need if you are ever marooned on a desert island.  Discover how to make shelters, fire, and how to signal for help.  Also learn how to cook a fish after you’ve caught it.  We will have a visit to the Fish Quay to meet the fishermen and we will learn all about the different artists who have painted the Fish Quay and the Coast.   To pass away the lonely hours, our Robinson Crusoes will make their own piece of beach art to take home once they’ve been rescued at 3:00

Cost per child is £20, or get marooned with a friend – 2 for £35.  Contact Pearl for further details on 0191 257 4506

wwi image bbcTommies and Trent Art 12 April

Drop into our WWI camp, sign up and defend Clifford’f Fort.   Join our friends from Blyth Battery who will put you through your paces.  Spend some time in the field kitchen, learn how to march and discover how the soldiers in the trenches spend their time.  Make your own piece of trench art to take home.

Join us between 10:00 – 3:00.   Recruitment throughout the day.

esterEaster Trails and Art.

Throughout the holidays you can drop in and make your own Easter picture to add to our exhibition.  Or you can have a go and our Easter Trail and see if you can unscramble the letter to make the secret word.

We are open everyday from 10:00 – 4:00 contact 0191 257 4506 for further details



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