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Visitors ‘Arking’ Back To Shipyard’s Past

Executive Warrant Officer Malcolm Bone back on duty.

ark royal dayOur Heritage Galley was under the command of Executive Officer Malcolm Bone on Saturday as he returned to duties to the delight of our visitors.

Malcolm was on hand to explain the history of the five HMS Ark Royals as part of our ‘Spotlight on the Ark Royal’ Swan Snappers Alpha Omega exhibition.  Visitors discovered the pivotal role the ‘Mighty Ark RO7‘ played in Her Majesty’s navy.  They were also able to handle some of Malcolm’s rare and personal Ark Royal memorabilia.

Malcolm has agreed to join us again on Sunday 11 September as part of our Heritage Open Days celebrations between 11:00 and 3:00

Please contact Old Low Light: 0191 257 4506 or email admin@oldlowlight.co.uk for further details.

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