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Old Low Light Reopening Survey Results.

Hello Everyone,

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who completed our recent survey. There was a great response, with over 200 people taking the time to give feedback and this has been shared with staff and trustees.

I’m very pleased to share some headlines from our recent online survey to help us with our reopening plans.

Responses show that we are heading in the right direction in terms of people’s expectations on the steps we’re taking to keep staff, volunteers, customers in the café and visitors to the galleries safe. 

People also seemed very comfortable with our steady approach to re-opening. Around a third said they would be visiting as soon as the centre re-opens while the remainder said they would wait a while. 

There was strong support for steps outlined to limit visitor numbers to the café and galleries at any one time, to implement social distancing, to make hand sanitisers widely available and for staff and volunteers to be seen cleaning surfaces, handrails, door handles and equipment.

There was similar agreement about notices around the building and on the website about cleaning and other measures in place.

In terms of any other things that might make people feel more comfortable, suggestion included extra seating outside of the café, one-way systems around the building and making sure staff and volunteers felt confident enforcing new rules to keep everyone safe. I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to know we were thinking along the same lines.

No strong views were expressed either for or against proposals to reduce opening hours, to allow time for extra cleaning.

Responses suggested people will be comfortable visiting the café and galleries but less so about using toilets, picking up leaflets and handling shared equipment. This was pretty much what we expected.

While our usual programme of activities will be curtailed for the foreseeable future, we set out some things that might be possible and the most popular were online talks, guided walks (within social distancing guidance) and self-guided tours of the galleries. 

We were delighted that three-quarters said they would be happy to make contributions to help with fund raising going forward. The most popular way of donating was via contactless payments within the centre. 

Finally, a very big thank-you again to everyone who completed the survey – your feedback has been both reassuring and very helpful as we continue with our planning. 

Watch out for further updates and stay alert and safe.

Kind Regards


Guy Moody

Centre Director

The Old Low Light Heritage Centre

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