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1. Is the Old Low Light Heritage Centre open?
The Old Low Light closed to the public on 21st of March at the start of lockdown and has not yet reopened.

2. When will Old Low Light Reopen?
We do not know when the Old Low Light will reopen at this time but will let people know as soon as it is safe to do so.

3. Is Old Low Light’s café open?

In line with Government guidelines, The Old Low Light’s café is closed.

4. Does Old Low Light do takeaway?

Old Low Light is not offering a takeaway option at this time.

5. Why is Old Low Light not doing takeaways?
The Old Low Light is primarily run by volunteers and a small team of staff. All café staff are currently furloughed for their own protection at this time.

6. Is Old Low Light available for private venue hire?
The Old Low Light is not available for hire at this time.

7. Can I use Old Low Light’s picnic benches and café seating area, while the centre is closed?

The most recent instructions from the government states: ‘businesses must not provide seating areas, indoors and outdoors, for customers to consume food and drink on’ and therefore the picnic benches are not accessible by the public at this time.

8. Can I renew my membership at this time?
You can renew your membership by cheque and post while The Old Low Light is closed. 

Individual Memberships are £10.
Joint Memberships are £15.

9. Who should I make cheques payable to?
Please make any cheques payable to The Net North Shields.

10. What is Old Low Light’s postal address? 
The Old Low Light Heritage Centre, Clifford’s Fort, North Shields Fish Quay, NE301JE.

11. Can I pay for my membership by phone?
Old Low Light does not have a staff or volunteer presence at this time. While Old Low Light is closed to the public, you cannot pay by phone.

12. Can I pay for my Old Low Light membership by Bank Transfer?
No. Old Low Light does not have a system in place to reconcile bank transfers with membership accounts at present. It is something we are working on and will let you know once it is in place.