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“It started with a fish…”

Old Low Light is continuing to champion co-production as they plan their summer exhibition “It started with a fish and ended in a pla(i)ce”. The exhibition which is extremely relevant, will aim to tell an honest history of the fish-quay by working with local community groups including the likes of Meadowell Connected Group & The Cedarwood project.

The project will tell unique stories and by challenging nostalgic thinking it will create a better understanding of the lives of those who lived and worked the fish-quay with an interesting focus on the women.

The exhibition space has been designed to provoke discussion and curiosity. – It will entice visitors, making them stop, reflect and discuss stories. It will be an immersive experience which will take you back in time.

To build such a connection Old Low Light have recognised the importance of managing expectations, working with their community to understand what they wish to get from the experience.

It will be a fun, interactive, space which has animations and art work visitors to enjoy.

Community involvement is at the heart of this project and you can get involved by sharing your memories with Old Low Light. There is also going to be a brilliant art project which will allow you to engage with art while thinking about the environment and sustainable oceans.

This innovative exhibition opens to the public on the 4th August.

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