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Exhibition ‘Still Here’

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BAFTA award winning photographer Paul Otter.  9-22 May 2017


Paul Otter is a Bafta award-winning film cameraman who worked on highly regarded film and television documentaries for over 30 years. He has filmed across the world, covering a wide range of subjects including the Iraq war and the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami. He has worked with many outstanding producers, directors and presenters (for example, he made several series with Stephen Fry).


After many years covering documentary subjects Paul moved into drama and feature films but, having maintained a hectic pace for so many years (often in extreme and demanding environments) he suffered a major physical and mental breakdown in 2013 and returned to his mother’s home in Whitley Bay.


At first he was unable to leave the house, but slowly his health improved enough so he could take his stills camera and began to record what he saw around him on his walks near to home.


His black and white images feature a range of tones but also he often identifies a point of light – using it as a positive even on his darkest days.


When you visit this exhibition you will see that years of professional filmmaking have contributed to his unique take on familiar scenes – e.g the boating lake In Tynemouth and the Dome in Whitley Bay. Paul says,


‘There is a huge variety of subjects within walking distance. We have iconic, historic buildings but we also have decaying and discarded properties which have their own beauty, like ‘Yard’. This shot also has a Documentary role: all the nearby buildings have been ‘developed’ so they bear no scars of their past lives.’


‘I rarely photograph people or animals but when I do they are players within a scene. For example, the surfer facing up to the waves at Tynemouth is ‘Canute’, emblematic and brimming with life.’


Paul is slowly recovering and uses his camera each day to capture the world he has found around him, and he is travelling further afield and widening his range of subjects.


Framed and unframed limited edition prints, as well as postcards, will be on sale via the Old Low Light.


The exhibition is running during Mental Health Awareness Week (8-13 May).


Preview: Tuesday 9th May 15.30 – 17.00


Paul Otter in conversation, Saturday 13th May 11.00-12.00



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