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Heritage Gallery Exhibition: – Geordie Doughboys 04 July – 24 July

Thousands of men from the North East of England left the region in the years before 1914 and a significant number enlisted in the American army in 1917-18.

Neither the United States’ ‘late’ entry into the First World War nor its vital contribution to the defeat of the Central Powers are widely understood in the UK. This programme explores these themes by focusing on the connection of America’s fighting forces with one region of England: the North East. Hundreds of ‘GI Geordies’ (former natives of North East England) were among the American Expeditionary Force that came to Europe in 1917–18, Tyneside dockyards repaired and maintained US Navy ships operating in the Eastern Atlantic and North Atlantic, and in 1918 a US Aero Squadron was based in Newcastle.

The Old Low Light is delighted to host this exhibition which has been Image result for geordie doughboyscurated by Northumbria World War One Project  highlights the  relationships that developed between individuals, communities, and industries in the North East and US armed forces.

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