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13 January, 2018
Join us

Join us:

Saturday 13th January – 11am.

Join Malcolm Rivett for an exploration of North Shields and Tynemouth, as they might have been.

North Shields and Tynemouth today, like most towns and cities, are products of history. Their shops, offices, residential areas, transport and leisure facilities are the result of commercial and political decisions of the recent and distant past. However, for every development scheme that was built, as many, if not more, were proposed but never actualised. Some were hare-brained proposals making little financial or practical sense. Others were sensible ideas but were unpopular locally or there was just not the funds or political drive to build them. This book explores some of the schemes that didn’t happen. These are plans for development and redevelopment that, for one reason or another, never came to fruition but now give us a glimpse into North Shields and Tynemouth as they might have been.