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12 October, 2018
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‘The Redundant Blade’ is an incite into family life, set during miner’s strikes of 1984 when many men in all walks of life found themselves out of work. Da’ Rutter has been on the dole for two years and makes his way in life doing the odd bit of fiddle work. His son Davy is the main bread winner in the Rutter household, he works as a deckhand aboard the Northern Light, a trawl vessel. Alice Rutter the eldest daughter has dreams of going on to university she is immensely talented at music and English. Ma Rutter is the backbone of the Rutter household, who tries desperately to hold the family together.

About the Author

Terry Patterson started his life on the Ridges Estate in 1956, He attended Ralph Gardner Secondary Modern school and left with no qualifications. (He had to wait until he was 40 years of age to attend North Tyneside College). His first job was working as an apprentice for Thos Melrose on the fish quay. The Late Tom Hadaway read some his work on day on the Library Stairs. He said “Keep writing Kidda you’ve got talent.’ something Terry Never forgot. Terry has published over forty short stories and two novels “Like Mother Like Son’ and “He Who Rides a Tiger.’  He likes to write about the North East, North Shields in particular. He also writes poetry about the things he see’s around him. The Redundant Blade is his first stage production and was written as a tribute to the great Tom Hadaway who inspired his writing.