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07 April, 2018
Join us

Join us:

The play is a short drama which allows volunteers to present the story of historical characters in a new and meaningful way. The characters will present their case, justifying their actions and then it will be down to you as the audience to decide who had the right to control the river Tyne.

We will hear first from Ralph Gardner as he explains his early life and the decisions and circumstances which lead him to challenge hundreds of years of legal rights which gave supremacy of the river to Newcastle. With the moral argument on his side, surely God and the audience will side with him for Shields?

Newcastle will be represented by a lawyer from the puritan council, William Nibblet. This vile and villainous character will seek to explain away moral injustices by hiding behind legal rights and prerogatives. With law, order, centuries of traditions and Parliament on side, surely you will see Newcastle was justified in all its action and side with him for Newcastle?

While men fight, and families suffer, Catherine Gardner will highlight the true human tragedy and struggle of this age of strife. Divine Rights, Moral Rights, Legal Rights… Catherine’s perspective will encourage you to consider, does it really matter who is right if it means people must live in pain and fear?

Written, produced and performed by Old Low Light Volunteers, the performance will tackle some challenging issues – but it will do so in a true tradition of great English Literature by embracing comedy and tragedy.

Michael as Ralph Gardner
Ruth as Catherine Gardner
David as William Nibblet.

Tickets are £3pp and are available from the Old Low Light reception.