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10 March, 2017
Join us

Join us:

Are you dancing? A look back to the glory days of waltzes and waltzers in Whitley Bay

george and lilian harrisonIt was a place of dancing and dreams, a place where romances bloomed and lifelong friendships made forever.

The ornately decorated Whitley Bay Dome’s band played offering couples the chance to cha cha cha or to spin around on the perfectly polished floor.  Throughout the years these couples would jive and rock to the likes of the Beatles and other bands from the 60’s, Further down the decades the Dome throbbed to the disco beat.

Those days maybe long gone, however the stories live on and we are pleased to be able to have been given an opportunity to tell some of these stories in our ‘Dome Sweet Dome’ Exhibition which opens to the public from 10 until 26 March.

HLF visualisation 1 (2) for RobThe exhibition charts the story of this famous coastal icon which is set to re-open next year.  Images reveal how this booming nightspot looks like today and there is an opportunity to see how it will look in the future.

Please come and share your memories, bring along any memorabilia and place your memories into one of our memory jars.  The exhibition free for everyone, so why don’t you military two step along to the Old Light between 10:00 – 4:00, we are open every day.