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ASSEMBLAGE – PERSONS & LOCATIONS (17 October – 16th March)

Shaun Flett in his own words:

I was born in Billy Mill, North Shields.

Since the 1980’s I’ve taught art and design in a range of local colleges.

When I was in my teens I held a ‘one man’ exhibition in North Shields People’s Centre. The response was very positive, with the result that I sold most of the exhibits.

My work is essentially realistic in nature and I’ve always admired the great masters of the past.

I’ve loved art since I was a boy. I subsequently studied at The Newcastle College of Arts & Technology. My interest and training led me to complete commissions and teach art for over 30 years.

I enjoy the challenge involved in completing a piece of work effectively.

Drawing and painting have become an integral part of my day to day existence and I particularly enjoy the nature and history of portraiture as a theme.


Peter Dixon:

Peter Dixon was born in South Shields, brought up in Jarrow and now resides in North Shields.

He studied Graphic Design and was involved in the Bede Gallery, Jarrow, in the 1970’s before starting work as a commercial artist at

Northern Press who published the Shields Gazette, Wallsend Weekly News and News Guardian.

He later worked as Chief Visualiser at the North East Co-op in Gateshead before setting up his own design company in North Shields.

He is a co-director of regional publisher Northern Voices Community Projects and has co-written and edited several books.

For 10 years he was co-editor of the monthly regional arts and culture magazine ‘The Informer’.

He has exhibited photographs and paintings at the John George Joicey Museum, Newcastle with ‘The Hoppings’ in 1977, and at Bede’s World with ‘The River and the Slake’ in 2012.

He says: “I have always lived near the Tyne and feel that the river is in my blood having explored both the North and South Tyne.

I used to cross the river by ferry every day for 5 years when I worked at South Shields so I’ve experienced the river mouth under all weather conditions.

I’ve always enjoyed painting and I’ve been a keen photographer since I was 17.

I often use photos as the basis for my artwork. I enjoy textures, patterns and atmosphere in imagery.”ASSEMBLAGE – PERSONS & LOCATIONS

All of the images in the exhibition are available as prints. A3 at £20, A2 at £40. Canvas prints: ask for price.

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